Our Historic Avantgarde (Naša istorijska avangarda), documentary, 3 episodes, prod. ROREMACHINE, 2020. Historical avant-garde art movements in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Period between two World wars. Dadaism, Surrealism, Zenitism.

The Travelling Of The Dead (Mrtvi putuju), documentary 26′, prod. urbaNS, 2001. During the NATO bombing police finds a truck full of corpses in Lake Đerdap.

 Festival and award: Special Prize Dokufest Prizren 2003, Rotterdam Film Festival 2002

Under The Authority Of The Police (Otpor u nadležnosti policije), documentary 35′, prod. urbaNS, 2001. Political repressions towards members of  Otpor (Resistance) in Serbia.

255 Hits (255 Pogodaka), documentary 10′, prod. Aleksandar Davić, 1999. NATO bombing of Novi Sad’s Refinery.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward (Ove noge nisu male) with Tolnai Szabolcs and Nenad Milošević, documentary 23′, prod. RadioB92, 1997. During the 1996/97 protests in Serbia a group of 200 students walked from Novi Sad to Belgrade to support students and citizens of capital.

Festival: MediaWave Gyor 1997

A Look At The Wall (Pogled na zid), documentary 12′, prod. RadioB92, 1996. An exhibition at cinema Rex in Belgrade.

Punishment and Freedom (Kazna i sloboda), documentary 30′, prod. TVNS, 1991. Conceptual artist Miroslav Mandić.

Award: Authors’ Award and Critics’ Award, Yugoslav TV Festival Neum 1991

Dunafalvi March (Dunafalvi marš), documentary 15′, prod. Terra Film, 1990. A Hungarian police sergeant who saved people of village Kovilj during the 1942 raid.

Festival: Yugoslav Festival of Short and Documentary Film/Video Belgrade 1990

No number, northern border (Severna granica bez broja), documentary 27′, prod. TVNS, 1989. A farm in the north of Bačka.

Festival: Yugoslav TV Festival Neum 1989

New Year’s Eve Train (Novogodišnji voz), documentary 22′, prod. TVNS, 1988. New Year’s Eve train Novi Sad-Sarajevo.

Clients (Štićenici), documentary 27′, prod. TVNS, 1987. Mental institution for children and youth in Veternik.

My Spain (Španija Koste Nađa), documentary 50′, prod. TVNS, 1986. Kosta Nađ, officer of the International Brigades, defended Spanish Republic until the bitter end.



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